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Enlisted Coast Guard Members

Grants for enlisted service-members encourage the pursuit of college, advanced degrees, and certifications, and can be used for expenses not covered by the G.I. Bill benefits.

The Coast Guard Foundation began issuing education grants for enlisted Coast Guard members in 1999 in response to a request from service members to assist in making education more affordable. Improving themselves through the classroom gives our enlisted members opportunities in their careers, and helps them advance in the service.

People often assume that the G.I. Bill and tuition assistance programs cover all of a member's education costs, but that’s not true. Course registration fees, textbooks, and other out-of-pocket fees can often put a college degree out of reach – especially for Coast Guard members who are supporting children.

In addition to traditional college-degree coursework, Coast Guard members in our grant program pursue professional certifications and technical training to help them in their Coast Guard careers.

Our grants help pay for things like books, lab fees, computers, and technical equipment to open the doors of opportunity for so many Coast Guard members. These men and women are the best and brightest – those who exemplify the Coast Guard’s values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty.

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