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Coast Guard Spouses

Coast Guard spouses support their service members and families, and we are honored to support them by making education more affordable.

Education support for Coast Guard spouses is an important part of what we do at the Coast Guard Foundation. Scholarships and grants for Coast Guard spouses provide opportunities for a college education, professional licensing, and certifications.

Spouses who complete a degree or earn their own income strengthen families by not only creating financial stability but through finding the sense of fulfillment, confidence, and happiness that comes with personal achievement.

Grants for Spouses of Enlisted Members

The Coast Guard Foundation spouse grant program makes a difference in the lives of hundreds of Coast Guard families. Eligible Coast Guard spouses of enlisted Coast Guard members in ranks E-3 through E-8 studying at a nationally or regionally accredited institution or program may apply for a grant to support their college and professional training goals. Our program awards $500 grants to cover tuition, fees, supplies, and related education expenses and is limited to one payment per calendar year.

Spouse Grant Open Application Season runs for six weeks in January and August. The first application period is January 15-March 1, 2023. The second application period is August 1-December 1, 2023.

Delta Dental

A spouse grant program offered annually in January is funded by Delta Dental to the Coast Guard Foundation and members of the Joint Military Coalition. The program provides $2,000 grants to Coast Guard spouses of enlisted Coast Guard members in ranks E-3 through E-8 pursuing degrees in oral health, medical and nursing, and wellness professions. The Delta Dental grants are limited to one payment per calendar year.


Thanks to the generosity of GEICO, a strong supporter of the Armed Forces that has served military customers for more than 80 years, the Coast Guard Foundation offers individual grants of $1,000 each to Coast Guard spouses establishing Family Childcare Centers in government-owned housing.

To apply, please make contact with the local Child Development Services Coordinator (CDSS) in your area to start the process of becoming a certified childcare provider (information detailed below) and apply for consideration the link here.

How can I apply to be a Family Childcare Center (FCC) provider?
Coast Guard spouses residing in Coast Guard-owned housing who are interested in the FCC grant may contact their local Child Development Services Coordinator (CDSS) listed below for information about becoming a certified FCC provider.

DISTRICT 1 Maura Redy 718-354-4404
DISTRICT 5 Valanda Weston 609-898-6384
DISTRICT 13 Kelly Smitherman 503-861-6242
DISTRICT 11 Renee Montandon 510 437-6662
DISTRICT 17 Jean Silva 907-487-5481 ext 6924

Featured Partner
Delta Dental has been a long-time partner of the Coast Guard Foundation providing assistance for Coast Guard spouses pursuing degrees in oral health. Delta Dental is the nation’s leading provider of dental insurance with its core purpose being the advancement of oral health.
Featured Partner
As one of the Coast Guard Foundation's Program Partners, GEICO has shown a long-time commitment to the mission of the Coast Guard Foundation.
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