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We strengthen the Coast Guard community by being there for you and your families, where and when you need it the most.
2024 Youth Enrichment Program April 1-August 31

Youth Enrichment

Coast Guard kids serve too. They go through a lot including frequent moves and missing their active-duty parent during duty days and deployments. We provide enrichment grants to Coast Guard kids so they can attend virtual and in-person camps and take part in online activities during summer and school breaks.

The Coast Guard Foundation launched a pilot program in 2019 in Hawaii to help Coast Guard kids attend camps and enrichment programs and invest in digital programs during summer breaks. We have expanded opportunities every year since then, to now offer grant opportunities to Coast Guard families throughout the entire country.

Emergency Disaster Relief Grant

Emergency Disaster Relief

When natural disasters strike, Coast Guard members are often first responders—leaving your own impacted homes and property to aid others. We assess member and family needs through our emergency disaster relief program and offer immediate grants so you can bounce back from hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and more.

Coast Guard members are eligible for a grant of up to $3,000 to cover personal loss and basic needs after a storm strikes. These needs include replacement and repair of household goods, food and necessities, insurance deductibles, temporary housing, and emergency travel. 

We partner with the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association to deliver this disaster relief as quickly as possible. Once the Foundation has received concurrence from the Vice Commandant’s office that a natural or other disaster qualifies for emergency assistance you may complete the application online and the CPOA will review and respond to your application within five days of receipt. You may email or call (703) 941-0395 with any questions.

Our 2024 emergency disaster relief program will be activated in response to natural disasters. The list of approved storms/weather events will be listed here. 

Scholarships for College-Age Children

For children of active-duty, retired, or active-reserve members, we offer scholarships that help them attend school and reduce student loan debt. Our goal is to allow them to focus on their studies and set them and your family up for a stronger future. For children of Coast Guard members who die in the line of duty, we offer scholarships that cover all the expenses of higher education. This investment gives families relief and honors their heroism.

If you are the child of an active-duty, retired, or active-reserve Coast Guard member, you are eligible to apply. For this year's scholarship cycle, successful applicants can expect awards ranging from $2,500 to $5,000.

Our scholarship season runs from February 1 to April 1, 2024.  Applications for 2024 scholarships are now closed and under review.

Education Grants for Spouses

For spouses of Coast Guard members, achieving higher education or professional licensing and certification boosts your family’s financial stability and brings personal fulfillment. The Coast Guard Foundation offers grants to spouses so that they have everything they need to provide for their family and strengthen their well-being.

Coast Guard Foundation Spouse Education Grant program makes a difference for Coast Guard families. Eligible Coast Guard spouses of enlisted Coast Guard members in ranks E-1--E-8 studying at a nationally or regionally accredited institution or program may apply for a grant to support their college and professional training goals. Our program awards $1,000 grants to cover tuition, fees, supplies, and related education expenses.

Spouse Education Grant Open Application Season runs two times a year. The first application period is January 15 - March 1, 2024. The second application period August 1-December 1, 2024.

Coast Guard Foundation Delta Dental Spouse Education Grant program provides $2,000 grants to 10 Coast Guard spouses of enlisted Coast Guard members in ranks E-1--E-8 pursuing degrees in oral health, medical and nursing, and wellness professions. Through the generosity of Delta Dental these grants are offered annually in January and limited to one per calendar year.

Thank you for your investment in our family and my future career. I am truly grateful for your support!
- Coast Guard Spouse Grant Recipient

Morale and Wellness

The Coast Guard Foundation prioritizes your morale and wellness so you can remain ready while at sea or stationed in remote areas. We provide exercise, sports, and recreation equipment to Coast Guard units, so you have the resources needed to remain physically ready for duty. We also partner with Coast Guard chaplains to offer suicide prevention, couples retreats, and resiliency training and events to help you manage the challenges of work and life.

For information on Coast Guard Foundation morale grants via the Shipmate List, contact your District MWR Manager.

  • D1/Base Boston: Jennifer Young, (617) 223-3467
  • D5/Base Portsmouth: Jeff Wapner, (757) 483-8671
  • D7/Base Miami: Stephen Ondriezek, (305) 535-4564
  • D8/Base New Orleans: CWO Robert Arseneaux, (504) 253-4795
  • D9/Base Cleveland: CWO Megan Johnson, (216) 902-6282
  • D11/Base Alameda: Laurie Capp-Carter, (510) 437-3579
  • D13/Base Seattle: James Graddy, (206) 217-6357
  • D14/Base Honolulu: Neil Morgan, (808) 842-2953
  • D17/Base Kodiak: Richard Carmen, (907) 487-5390

For information on resiliency programs contact your local or district chaplain. Chaplains contact information:

For additional information on morale and wellness support please contact our Program Manager, Sage Williams, at (860) 535-0786.

Education grants for enlisted members opens October 1

Education Grants for Members

The costs of higher education add up, especially factoring in books, equipment, and costs beyond tuition. As you know the G.I. Bill and tuition assistance do not cover all higher education costs. We offer scholarships so that enlisted members can earn their degrees.

The Coast Guard Foundation began offering education grants for enlisted Coast Guard members in 1999 to assist service members in making education more affordable. Improving themselves through the classroom gives members opportunities in their careers and helps them advance in the service.

In addition to traditional college coursework, Coast Guard members in our grant program pursue professional certifications and technical training to help them in their Coast Guard careers.

Our grants help pay for things like books, lab fees, computers, and technical equipment to open the doors of opportunity for Coast Guard members.

CGF Reserve Scholarship Application Period is Open July 1-August 15

The Coast Guard Foundation's United Services Automobile Association (USAA) Reserve Scholarship provides educational support to both Reservists and their family members who are pursuing higher education opportunities.

We award scholarships based not only on an applicant’s financial need, but also on scholastic promise, motivation, moral character, good citizenship, and leadership qualities.

Being a full-time student and active-duty Coastie can be challenging at times, but grants like these ensure that we can continue our education without financial burden. The skills I'm developing in these classes are crucial to both my Coast Guard career path and my future educational goals.
- Enlisted Coast Guard Grant Recipient

Tragedy Assistance

When Coast Guard families or units face the unthinkable loss of an active-duty or family member, we are there with immediate financial and morale support. We listen closely to individuals and families—and anticipate their needs—to ensure we provide relevant care in the wake of tragedy.

An injured or critically ill Coast Guard member deeply affects family and loved ones. Our tragedy assistance support program ensures that families can focus exclusively on recovery. This dedicated and robust financial support system allows families and fellow service members to be nearby during these difficult times.

Coast Guard Casualty Assistance Calls Officers (CACOs) act as primary liaisons to grieving families and help them navigate the government benefits available for those whose Coast Guard member dies on duty. We work with CACOs to compassionately provide families with our support. We also work with the unit leadership of injured Coast Guard members to assist their families.

To support active-duty Coast Guard members in their time of great loss, the Coast Guard Foundation’s tragedy assistance program includes assistance after the death of a Coast Guard spouse or child.

In the wake of a dependent death, active-duty Coast Guard members can request a grant of immediate support to help cover family travel, needs of the surviving family members, and unexpected expenses.

Our Fallen Heroes Scholarship is for children whose Coast Guard parent dies in an operational, line-of-duty death. This scholarship covers 100 percent of their higher education costs ensuring service members' children can graduate college debt free.

To inquire about tragedy assistance support or the Fallen Heroes Scholarship Program, please contact Ms. Sage Williams at or 860-535-0786.

Looking to schedule a workforce development class?

Workforce Development Classes

By giving Coast Guard members valuable training while they serve on active duty, we help prepare you for both your mission and when your service is done.

The Coast Guard Foundation currently sponsors classes nationwide that allow Coast Guard members to earn a Merchant Mariner Credential or an aviation mechanic certification. These documents are required to work in the maritime and aviation industries. This program helps Coast Guard members translate their military service into well-paying jobs in industries that need their experience.

Family Childcare

The Coast Guard Foundation Family Childcare Center Provider Grant program is offered year round. Thanks to the generosity of GEICO Military, a strong supporter of the Armed Forces that has served military customers for more than 80 years, the Coast Guard Foundation offers individual grants of $1,000 each to Coast Guard spouses establishing Family Childcare Centers in government-owned housing.

How to Apply: There are a couple basic requirements to qualify for a $1,000 grant.

  • Make contact with the local Child Development Services Coordinator (CDSS) in your area to start the process of becoming a certified child care provider - contact information below.

How can I apply to be an FCC provider? Coast Guard spouses residing in Coast Guard-owned housing who are interested in the FCC grant may contact their local Child Development Services Coordinator (CDSS) listed below for information about becoming a certified FCC provider.

DISTRICT 1: Maura Redy 718-354-4404
DISTRICT 5: Valanda Weston 609-898-6384
DISTRICT 13: Kelly Smitherman 503-861-6242
DISTRICT 11: Renee Montandon 510 437-6662
DISTRICT 17: Jean Silva 907-487-5481 ext 6924

2024 Youth Enrichment Program
Summer camp grants for Coastie kids April 1-August 31
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Each year, thousands of people participate in road races, memorial walks, and other types of fitness events to pay tribute to the lost members of the service.
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Contact Sage Williams
Our Program Manager, Sage Williams, works in close liaison with the U.S. Coast Guard to help us get our support to members quickly. For questions on how we can help you please do not hesitate to contact her at 860-535-0786.