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Privacy Policy

The Coast Guard Foundation is committed to protecting your personal information at all times.

The Coast Guard Foundation is committed to protecting your personal information at all times. The policies outlined here have been developed to ensure your information is used carefully and for our supporters to understand how the Coast Guard Foundation collects and uses your information. This privacy policy is effective immediately upon posting. All changes to it will be updated here as soon as possible.

Collection of information

The Coast Guard Foundation web servers automatically collect non-identifying information from your visits to to help measure our website activity and improve the user experience. Non-identifying information includes session cookies to track usage through, and IP addresses for viewing internet domains and monitoring time spent on our website.

We also collect information that you provide online and offline such as your name, age, gender, contact information, and credit card details. This online information is gathered when you, for example, visit to register for an event or make an online donation. This information is transmitted via a secure server using encryption technology. Offline information is gathered through physical registration forms and postal appeals.

Your confidentiality

We do not sell your information to other organizations or individuals, and our mailing lists are never sold to third parties. We may share financial donor postal mailing lists with other non-profits for one-time use by the other non-profit. Occasionally, we may send mailings on behalf of other organizations we have partnerships with to benefit the Coast Guard Foundation.

If you are a financial donor to the Coast Guard Foundation, you may request that we withhold your mailing information from any list exchanges with other non-profits. Please email us at and in the subject field type "Mailing List Opt Out" and provide us your name, email, or postal address depending on how you made your donation to our organization.

Coast Guard Foundation’s email marketing program complies with anti-spam regulations and all email correspondence includes necessary language to allow recipients to opt-out of email correspondence. We honor all requests to be removed from our database and/or mailing list. Opting out occurs when a person or company simply prefers to be removed from the mailing list for a non-specified reason, as well as when the Coast Guard Foundation is notified by a family member that a donor is deceased.


Our site uses cookies to identify end users based on their visit to our website(s) and/or other sites on the Internet. We also use cookies to analyze website traffic and performance. Our site collect/collects data related to targeted advertising and the behavior demonstrated by end users on advertiser websites. Data is converted into obfuscated audience lists from which individual identities cannot be determined by Third-Party vendors. Specifically, collected data is cookie data which our/the DSP platforms process, creating audiences and attributing actions to specific ad campaigns. Data is stored in vetted third-party platforms which facilitate the collection of this data through secured tags. These platforms all conform to necessary data privacy laws, and allow for the exercising of all rights of data subjects. Lastly, platforms that allow for user-level tracking do so only through data gathered with proper consent, and obscure any form of user identification.

Comments and questions

For questions regarding the Coast Guard Foundation’s privacy policy please write to us at: Coast Guard Foundation, 394 Taugwonk Road, Stonington, CT 06378. You may also call us at 860-535-0786 or email

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2022