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Emerging Coast Guard Priorities

The needs of the U.S. Coast Guard and its members change and as such our support changes to serve our heroes. Our close relationship with leadership in the service ensures we are always at the forefront of their needs.

As a vital partner to the U.S. Coast Guard we collaborate with Coast Guard leaders at all levels to identify the best ways to support members and families and effectively address new and emerging needs.

Our partnership spans the entire community—whether supporting individuals, bolstering entire units, or honoring the Coast Guard’s mission at a national level. We’re deeply connected to the Coast Guard community with our staff being stationed across the country, and because we’re on the ground, we’re able to communicate and respond to these unique needs.

Mental Resiliency and Suicide Prevention

Balancing Coast Guard service, family, and personal needs can be hard. Coast Guard members spend months at sea or deployed from home, and long hours in their service to the nation. And many people don’t reach out for help when it is needed or don’t recognize others who are in crisis. Currently, our mental resiliency and suicide prevention programs are offered nationwide, but on a limited basis because funding is constrained. We're working hard to expand this program so this life saving support can be offered to more Coast Guard members around the country.

Workforce Development

In today’s technologically-enabled Coast Guard, education and certifications are increasingly valuable for Coast Guard members to perform their duties and advance in their careers. Without a degree or professional certification, members can face challenges in the civilian workforce after completing their duty. They may struggle to find employment despite their vast experience and skills. The G.I. Bill and Coast Guard do not cover all higher education or licensing costs. We provide education and professional training programs for enlisted members that support their mission and set them up for future success when their service is complete.

Youth Enrichment

Coast Guard families have communicated to us they face childcare challenges in the summer months, often juggling multiple camp and enrichment programs, limited coverage hours, and costly enrollment fees, all while trying to maintain demanding work and deployment schedules. The Coast Guard Foundation launched a pilot program in 2019 in Hawaii to assist with camp tuition. We have expanded opportunities every year since then and in 2023 the initiative was rolled out across the country.

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