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Recap of the 2018 Tribute to the Eighth Coast Guard District

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March 26, 2018

The first Coast Guard Foundation tribute of 2018 took place on March 2 at the National WWII Museum in New Orleans to celebrate the service’s response to the historic Category 4 Hurricane Harvey. Over six days, the tropical cyclone left thousands stranded in Houston with 27 trillion gallons of rain falling over Texas, making Harvey the wettest Atlantic hurricane ever measured.

Rear Admiral Paul Thomas, Commander of the 8th Coast Guard District, accepted the Coast Guard Foundation award on behalf of the thousands of Coast Guard members from around the country who responded to Harvey.

“Thank you for recognizing this incredible Coast Guard team for what was truly an historic response to a historic Hurricane Harvey,” said RADM Thomas. “For me personally it was awesome to be part of this team that rendered life saving assistance to the citizens of Texas, restored some of our nation’s most critical ports in record time, and mitigated some of the long term environmental impacts of this storm.”

The event’s keynote speaker, Commandant of the Coast Guard Admiral Paul F. Zukunft, spoke about the Coast Guard Foundation’s impact on the service members who were themselves impacted by Harvey.

The 700 Coast Guard families who lost it all - they’re back on their feet. They are the people who charge like all good Coast Guardsmen and women into the eye of a hurricane knowing they may lose it all. But they do so, knowing that someone has their back. Who rescues the rescuers? It’s you.

- Admiral Paul F. Zukunft

This year’s Tribute also acknowledged the community’s 25-year support of honoring Coast Guard heroes. With the help of the community, we provide scholarship and morale programs for local service members and their families, as well as those stationed across the country.

In addition, our disaster relief program provided more than $1.6 million to Coast Guard members impacted by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Louisiana Floods in 2016, and most recently, the three hurricanes that struck Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico in 2017.