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Meet our 2019 Enlisted Reserve Scholarship Recipients

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by Jennifer Crowley Fyke
February 10, 2020

Generously supported by USAA

Since 2001, USAA has generously supported a scholarship program that benefits the United States Coast Guard Reserves. To date, 110 Coast Guard members and dependents have benefited from this program. In 2019, we awarded eight scholarship awards valued at $1,000 each. These scholarships help active duty reservists and their families achieve their higher education goals and build successful careers that give back to their communities and the nation and provide for their families' financial well-being.

In the photo above, Rear Admiral Todd Wiemers, Assistant Commandant for Reserve personally called each recipient to congratulate them.

MK3 Dylan Beirold, Station Golden Gate: A full-time student at California State University Maritime Academy, Petty Officer Beirold lends his expertise as a prior-enlisted Coast Guard member to his new role as a Coast Guard reservist. Beirold is passionate about his job and takes great pride in his work.

“This scholarship relieves immense amounts of financial stress and allows me to focus on my education and obtain a fundamentally deeper understanding of the real-world attributes of a career in marine transportation,” shared Beirold.

Andrew Boyle, son of MKC William F. Boyle, Sector Hampton Roads: Andrew is enrolled in an electrical engineering program at Christopher Newport University in Virginia. In addition to his studies, Andrew is an Eagle Scout and constructed a giving garden at his local YMCA to benefit his community. He credits his motivation and commitment to excellence and giving back to his father’s service in the Coast Guard Reserves.

Andrew shared, “I have been taught from a young age to honor my family, respect my elders, respect authority, and dedicate myself to achieve my goals fully. I owe a lot of my success in scouting to my father. I truly believe I would have never been able to achieve my goals without him and his beliefs in the Coast Guard’s core values.”

Scotty Davis, spouse of PA2 Lara Davis, Coast Guard, National Strike Force Coordination Center: Mr. Davis completed a trio of courses in marine electronics that will earn him certifications in this critical area. Combined with his skills and experience, Mr. Davis is working towards operating his own business as a marine surveyor with advanced marine electrical systems skills.

Petty Officer Davis’s reserve duty assignments often take her to hurricane-ravaged areas. Scotty is focused on finding a career path that allows him to support his wife’s demanding deployment schedule and provide quality time for their family.

“As we look to the future, I know that she is always ready to respond again in the event that she is needed. Being able to run a business that is both flexible and portable allows me to be ready also, should the need arise, and to be there to help raise our child.”

BM1 Ian Yaffe, Station South Portland: Petty Officer Yaffe is working towards his master’s degree in public administration at the University of Washington. Outside of his Coast Guard reserve duty, Yaffee is the executive director of a small non-profit organization that provides immigrants and farmworkers with the support they need through the state of Maine.

“Support from the Coast Guard Foundation is especially meaningful because it connects my education and commitment to public service,” shared Ian.

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