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Five Coast Guard Spouses Who Are Reaching Their Education Goals

Here are five Coast Guard Foundation spouse grant recipients who are putting in the work and reaching their education goals, in their own words.
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Jen Fyke Web
by Jennifer Crowley Fyke
March 8, 2023

We are proud to help Coast Guard spouses reach their personal goals by supporting college classes, professional certifications, and career development.

As a Coast Guard spouse, you are accustomed to juggling a lot of responsibilities. Frequent moves, long deployments, family obligations, and finding a job that suits your schedule, just to name a few.

The list is long! Then, add prioritizing your own education and professional development goals to the lineup…we get it…it can be a challenge with time and financial resources often in short supply.

Here are five Coast Guard Foundation spouse grant recipients who are putting in the work and reaching their education goals, in their own words.

Albertus Mikayla Lee for Web

Mikayla Lee Albertus
Thank you for this opportunity. I am now able to complete my degree which will help me start my career in healthcare as a medical assistant and hopefully grow from there. My husband is also pursuing a career in healthcare through his Coast Guard service. I hope to use my skills to help him develop in his career. This means so much to me and my family and we hope to pay it forward in the future someday.

Mia for the web

Mia Constransitch-Mullins
This grant will help me complete my degree and get my license as a speech and language pathologist. This will benefit my family because once I'm licensed, I can work in all fifty states and follow my husband wherever we get stationed. Then, having a dual income will reduce our financial stress and help us prepare for growing our family. Being a speech and language pathologist is also very family-friendly because there are many options for part-time or working in schools to have the same schedule as our kids in the future. Thank you very much for helping us achieve our goals for the future.

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Ford kiara for the web

Kiara Ford
I am grateful for being chosen to receive a Coast Guard Foundation spouse grant. It will help me pay for books and materials for classes in my master’s degree program, and I can begin preparing for the LSAT exam by beginning the study process early. I am deeply appreciative of your support towards my education.

Jobes Shannon for Web

Shannon Jobes
Thank you so much for the spouse grant. I recently completed my Birth Doula Certification and will use this grant to further my Doula education by becoming certified as a Postpartum Doula. This grant allows me to serve other military spouses on their motherhood journey!

Kapsner Amanda for Web

Amanda Kapsner
I extend my deepest gratitude to the Coast Guard Foundation for providing this opportunity for spouses looking to invest in their future. This grant will help me reach my education and career goals by providing financial support for nursing school. More specifically, covering the cost of tuition, books, fees, and supplies. In turn, this support will help alleviate the stress of paying for college so that I can be a more present parent and partner for my family.

Coast Guard spouse notes are lightly edited for clarity and consistency.

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