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Coast Guard Foundation Announces Partnership with Coast Guard Recruit Training Alumni

2020 Cape May
May 7, 2020

New collaboration will provide critical support for Coast Guard Training Center in Cape May

A year ago, over breakfast, Master Chief Petty Officer David Pace and retired Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard Skip Bowen hatched an idea to start a grassroots movement to provide critical support for the Coast Guard’s central ascension point for the enlisted corps in Cape May.

Together they identified key partners, including the Coast Guard Foundation, the Chief Petty Officers Association, and many Cape May alumni to build a committee and gather resources to bring the plan to fruition.

We’re just getting started. This is an important first step to shoring up our support for the Coast Guard’s newest members, and we’re motivated to join together and make it happen.

- Command Master Chief David Pace, USCG, Training Center Cape May

CGTRA will also be a conduit for enlisted members, both past and present, to connect.

"This alumni group exists to connect all of us back to our roots and with each other. We are excited to be a part of this initiative and we hope that many will take a step back in time and come on board. Collectively we can all make a positive difference at Training Center Cape May that will have impacts far into the future," said retired Master Chief Petty Officers of the Coast Guard, Vince Patton and Skip Bowen.

To learn more about Coast Guard Recruit Training Alumni, visit

Today, we can announce that their work has resulted in the Coast Guard Recruit Training Alumni initiative. The program will directly support projects that increase The Coast Guard Training Center’s overall recruit experience, facilitate alumni activities and services, and elevate the Training Center’s reputation within the Coast Guard and U.S. military.

“The Coast Guard Recruit Training Alumni is proud to work with the Coast Guard Foundation,” said Master Chief Pace. “This partnership will ensure that the Coast Guard’s enlisted men and women have the best training equipment and infrastructure available.”

Support will meet the most critical unmet needs at the Training Center, among them key infrastructure, equipment, and supplies that support the academic, physical fitness, and recruit training functions.

“We are excited to be a part of this initiative,” said Susan Ludwig, Coast Guard Foundation president. “Investing in the Training Center will provide the best resources for the Coast Guard’s newest members now and well into the future.”

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