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Coast Guard Foundation Announces Chairman's Circle Partners

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by Ron LaBrec
December 21, 2021

The Coast Guard Foundation Chairman’s Circle recognizes the generous partnership of those corporations that support education, morale and wellness, and emergency programs that benefit Coast Guard members and families.

Members join this recognition society by providing significant donations that support the Foundation’s full mission or specific programs and activities.

“Having spent more than 40 years in the maritime sector, I know the value executives from all industries place on their relationship with the Coast Guard,” said Thomas Allegretti, chairman, Coast Guard Foundation. “Together, the maritime industry and the Coast Guard create more than $5.4 trillion of economic activity on which every American depends. My sincerest thank you to the members of the Coast Guard Foundation’s Chairman’s Circle. Thank you for your support of programs that keep Coast Guard members Always Ready to protect and serve our Nation, and for the contributions your companies make to national security and prosperity.”

We are grateful for the following members of our Chairman’s Circle for their leadership and commitment to the Coast Guard and its members.

For more information on joining the Coast Guard Foundation’s Chairman’s Circle contact:

Northeast U.S. – Marc Cregan,
Mid-Atlantic – Wendy Taylor,
Southeast U.S. – Brian Overcast,
Gulf Coast – Brad Sisley,
West Coast – Linda Naugle,

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