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The Finest Hours: Coast Guard Foundation’s support for Station Chatham

News - Chatham
January 28, 2016

With the Hollywood searchlight placed upon Coast Guard Station Chatham, the location of Disney’s new blockbuster movie The Finest Hours, we highlight the outstanding work being done today at Coast Guard Station Chatham and Foundation’s relationship with the historic station.

In 2015, the Foundation funded a new $10,000 crew lounge which features new furniture, electronics, games and other morale items for the station formerly known as Chatham Lifeboat Station.

This support for the station is vital - a single duty can last 48 to 72 hours, and during that time, on a typical day, Coast Guard members are involved with training and coordinating response to the many missions they are assigned to such as aids to navigation, search and rescue, and more.

Meaningful morale support such as this is an opportunity for Coast Guard members on duty to gather, recharge in-between assignments and better prepare them for duty.

Station Chatham maintains a 24 hour communications watch monitoring the international distress frequencies, and is responsible for launching response vessels from both Stage Harbor or the Chatham Fish Pier in Aunt Lydia’s Cove. While in the crew lounge, Coast Guard members can watch television, play video games, and catch up with family and friends.

The Coast Guard Foundation supplied Station Chatham Coast Guard with morale items such as this stand-up paddle board.

The Foundation also ensured that the service members and their families were able to celebrate the Coast Guard’s 225th birthday on August 4, 2015, by funding the Station’s celebration, as well as their holiday celebration in December.

Support such as this for Station Chatham and others around the country is an important way the Foundation honors our servicemen and women for their commitment, and acknowledges their honor, respect and devotion to duty.

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