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Shipmate Fund Upgrades Coast Guard ANT Sabine Gym

News - Shipmate Fund ANT Sabine
February 8, 2017

Aids to Navigation Team Sabine is located on the Sabine Channel in Southeast Texas on the Texas-Louisiana border and facilitate the transporting of $250 million a day of economic activity.

The crew of 11 service 400 aids to navigation for mariners to safely travel, working tirelessly in all weather conditions ensuring buoys and navigation markers are in proper working order for traffic using the waterways.

Our Shipmate Fund makes a real difference for units like ANT Sabine, providing items that aren't covered under the federal budget for Coast Guard members to promote fitness and morale.

“On behalf of Aids To Navigation Team Sabine please accept my sincere appreciation for the Coast Guard Foundation's generous Shipmate Fund donation,” wrote BM1 Brady Wallner, Executive Petty Officer at Aids to Navigation Sabine, in a letter to the Foundation. “With that donation ANT Sabine was able to purchase a spin bike for our gym. The crew will cherish this bike for years to come and will afford them the opportunity to maintain a happy healthy lifestyle.”

In 2016, the Coast Guard Foundation’s Shipmate Fund provided $680,000 to provide performance-enhancing equipment to keep members ready for their demanding jobs, recreation equipment to enjoy family time, and technology to help with on-the-job learning.

  • News - Shipmate Fund ANT Sabine Pass
  • News - Shipmate Fund ANT Sabine Pass

ANT Sabine’s gym for the 11 crew members; they are collocated with Coast Guard Station Sabine and the Coast Guard Cutter Pompano.

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