News // Apr 24, 2020

Sharing a Favorite Coast Guard Recipe: Chief Hernandez's Anytime Cookies

  • Jennifer Crowley Fyke

Coast Guard chefs and cooks- officially called culinary specialists - continue to fulfill their duty to prepare healthy and nutritious meals for Coast Guard members deployed on cutters at sea, and small and large boat stations all across the country.

Culinary specialists are great in the kitchen and excel at their craft. Earlier this year, the Coast Guard topped 19 competitors from the other military branches to be named the 2020 Joint Culinary Training Exercise Installation of the Year.

We are lucky to have a few Coast Guard recipes on file here at the Coast Guard Foundation. One of our favorite, go-to recipes is Chief Hernandez’s Anytime Cookies, prepared by Chief Osward Hernandez.

It’s not uncommon to find these cookies in our kitchen for all to share, back when we were all working together in the office. Coast Guard Foundation program manager Sage Williams prepared a batch of these great cookies this week for her family to enjoy while working and learning from home.

The ingredients are likely staples in your pantry, and if you’re missing one, you have options. We’ve successfully used craisins and raisins for the dried cranberries, and we’ve added slivered almonds for an extra treat.

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