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Project Update: Support for Coast Guard Families

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by Jennifer Crowley Fyke
April 13, 2019

The Coast Guard Foundation supported a few projects around the country recently, each one unique to the needs of local Coast Guard units, and with special attention to the members and families who live in work in these communities. Check it out!

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Petaluma Pool
The official dedication of a new climbing wall for the swimming pool at the Coast Guard Training Center in Petaluma, California took place on April 4. The climbing structure provides opportunity for both fitness and fun. Prior to the new equipment, there was a slide in disrepair that appealed primarily to young children. This new structure appeals to all ages- 4-75!

The pool is a place for Coast Guard members stationed here to train and participate in fitness classes, and an opportunity for families to get together for a day of fun, and summer camps for Coast Guard kids. Local community groups will be invited to access the space too.

Up to 1,000 Coast Guard members - and 400 families - can be attached to the Coast Guard training center at any given time, so the pool and upgrade will be put to good use.

The pool was built with Coast Guard Foundation support in 1988, and was a major projects of the organization after the mission was expanded to support all Coast Guard members and families.

CGAS Savannah Sun Shade

Sun Shade for Air Station Savannah Playground
Coast Guard families stationed at Air Station Savannah had a new playground that they loved and used well, but hot summer days often made it difficult and unsafe to use the equipment.

The Coast Guard Foundation funded a sunshade that Coast Guard members installed over the space and now families can use the playground on hot days, rainy days (and pretty much any day that they can get outside) and make time for family fun.

The sun shade project is a fairly simple solution to a unique challenge that will give families a great place to play, and also extend the life of the equipment for many more years.

Thanks to your very generous donations, we have been able to complete our Sun Shade Project for our playground. On behalf of Air Station Savannah members and their families, I thank you.

- LT P Buckley, Coast Guard Air Station Savannah
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Neah Bay Playground
Coast Guard Station Neah Bay in Oregon is a remote station located on the Makah Indian Reservation, the most northwest point of the continental United States. Outside of the local community of Neah Bay, the nearest city is more than 45 miles away. Thirty-six active duty Coast Guard members are stationed here, many with families who live in government-housing on base. Last year, they removed half of their playground equipment when it became unsafe, and were left without an outdoor recreation space for Coast Guard families.

The Coast Guard Foundation stepped up and provided funding for the station to install a new playground that could provide a safe and fun place for Coast Guard families to gather and build community.

It took a little longer than expected, largely due to weather factors, but this spring, the new playground equipment was successfully installed by Coast Guard members stationed here, and kids have already started to use the new equipment. We look forward to many more photos and stories of Coast Guard families enjoying their new playground.

We are finally done! Many thanks to the Coast Guard Foundation for making our lives a little better at the most Northwest point of the continental United States! On behalf of Coast Guard Station Neah Bay and the families who support the active duty members. Thank You!

- Master Chief Z Prado, Coast Guard Station Neah Bay​

All three of these projects were made possible by our generous supporters from all over the country. We thank you for your generosity and commitment to Coast Guard members and families, everywhere they live and serve.

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