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Government Shutdown Concerns: Coast Guard members will go without pay

If Congress fails to pass a budget by October 1 the government may shut down. This will have a devastating impact on Coast Guard families who are rightly worried about how they will pay their bills.
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by Susan P. Ludwig
September 27, 2023


A last-minute stopgap bill to avert a government shutdown was passed by Congress to keep the government running for 45 days, with Coast Guard families rightfully relieved. The government may shut down, but their lives don’t shut down — and despite the shutdown halting funding for federal agencies, service members would continue reporting for duty every day.

The Coast Guard Foundation will be watching over the coming weeks in the hope families can be assured a longer-term agreement can be reached before the November 17 deadline.

We would like to thank our generous supporters who make it possible for us to be there for families and support them today and in the future. Click here to give to our emergency relief program and ensure we can respond immediately to a crisis like a government shutdown.

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If the government shutdown goes ahead, service members will continue reporting for duty every day to protect our nation, but they will not be paid.

We are in contact with our U.S. Coast Guard partners to ensure we are ready to respond with our emergency relief program if a budget is not passed by the deadline.

Personnel of Coast Guard Station St. Inigoes unload donated goods collected by the Pax River Chief Petty Officer Association Jan. 30. The Patuxent River Chief Petty Officer Association collected more than $10,000 in non-perishable goods for delivery to Southern Maryland Coast Guard families impacted by the government shutdown.

The 2019 government shutdown left the Coast Guard’s roughly 50,000 employees, including nearly 42,000 active-duty families, without pay for over a month. The distressing scenes of Coast Guard families lining up at food banks for assistance will never leave me.

Thanks to our generous supporters, the Coast Guard Foundation's response in 2019 provided more than $575,000 in relief to cover basic necessities for Coast Guard families in need during this challenging, stressful time.

Working with our partners, the Chief Petty Officers Association, our emergency relief program continues providing support for those impacted by the disasters this year including the Hawaii wildfires, Hurricane Idalia, Hurricane Lee, and Tropical Storm Ophelia.

You can donate today to our emergency relief program to help us respond to Coast Guard families in need, whatever the crisis.

Emergency Relief: Help us respond to Coast Guard families in need, whatever the crisis.

The Coast Guard Foundation and our supporters will do everything we can for Coast Guard families. If you are a Coast Guard member in need please reach out to us directly or visit

Semper Paratus,

Susan P. Ludwig

Cover image: 25th Division Sustainment Brigade, 25th Infantry Division Soldiers, help the Coast Guardsmen sort and organize some of the 1,020 items donated January 29 at Barbers Point Naval Air Station, Hawaii, to help Coast Guard families in need after the government shut down. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Sarah D. Williams)

Contact Sage Williams
Our Program Manager, Sage Williams, works in close liaison with the U.S. Coast Guard to help us get our support to members quickly. For questions on how we can help you please do not hesitate to contact her at 860-535-0786.

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