News // Dec 4, 2021

Girl Scout Cookie Delivery

  • Jennifer Crowley Fyke

Everyone has a favorite Girl Scout cookie.

It could be Trefoils, the classic shortbread cookie. Or perhaps Do-si-dos, the peanut butter sandwich cookie. Or do you look forward to Thin Mints, the peppermint chocolate-covered wafer cookie that tastes even better straight from the freezer? These delicious cookies are delivered to our doorsteps by eager Girl Scouts learning essential skills and earning badges to fund their troop’s activities and support their local communities.

Girl Scout Cookies sector LIS
Coast Guard members at Sector Long Island Sound in New Haven accept delivery of Girl Scout cookies.

For the last ten years, a partnership with the Girl Scouts of Connecticut and its Cookies for Heroes program has delivered crates of cookies to the doorsteps of Coast Guard units throughout the Northeast. This year, a whopping 34,140 boxes made their way to Base Cape Cod in Massachusetts, Sector Long Island Sound in New Haven, and Sector New York on Staten Island. From there, local commands distributed the cookies to smaller units and cutters, so Coast Guard members throughout New England and New York could enjoy their favorite cookies with their fellow shipmates and families.

“We are grateful for the long-standing partnership with the Girl Scouts of Connecticut,” shared Susan Ludwig, president of the Coast Guard Foundation. “A single box of cookies on its own is a small but generous gesture that has a great impact for Coast Guard members. The collective gift of tens of thousands of boxes - that is a powerful statement of support for those who wear the Coast Guard uniform.”

Girl Scout Cookie for Web
Coast Guard members stationed in Hawaii take a break to enjoy Girl Scout cookies.

Additionally, this year, a generous Coast Guard Foundation donor funded Girl Scout cookies for local units in Florida, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest. The Foundation's program team ordered cookies from Girl Scout troops in these communities to keep the impact local and further support the Coast Guard Foundation-Girl Scout partnership.

Girl scout cookies statue of liberty
The Statue of Liberty is approximately 150 feet tall from the base to the top of the torch. The Coast Guard Cutter Spencer is a 270-foot medium endurance cutter. U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Cynthia Oldham.

Did you know? If you lined up all the boxes of cookies donated this year, end-to-end, they would stretch 3.9 miles. That’s equivalent to stacking up 532 Statues of Liberty or 298 Coast Guard cutters like the one in this photo.

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