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Disaster Relief Update: Hurricane Laura & California Wildfires

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September 8, 2020

Update 9/15:

We have sent $32,000 to fulfill additional requests from Coast Guard families — bringing the total to over $132,000.

Hurricane season is not over with another storm, Hurricane Sally, hitting the Gulf coast this week. To help provide urgent support for Coast Guard families impacted by disasters visit:

To date, the Coast Guard Foundation has rushed over $100,000 to support Coast Guard families impacted by Hurricane Laura, as well as providing volunteers with supplies to travel and assist with the cleanup efforts. Additionally, we are also supporting families affected by the California wildfires.

Help us provide emergency support for Coast Guard families.

Over the past week, groups of Coast Guard members from the Sector Houston-Galveston area mobilized volunteers to travel to Coast Guard communities that were impacted.

This Coasties helping Coasties effort is continuing every day, and as part of our overall efforts, we are providing supplies and resources to help these crews shore up properties and mitigate further damage.

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Last week we announced there are families whose homes have been destroyed from the devastating impact of Hurricane Laura. They were evacuated before the landfall and are now returning home to assess the damage.

When natural disasters strike, Coast Guard members are often first responders — leaving their own impacted homes and property to aid others.

Our disaster relief assistance offers them immediate relief to make sure they get the resources to bounce back from hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and more.

If you are a member looking for support, please know you are eligible for a grant up to cover personal loss and basic needs. These needs include replacement and repair of household goods, food and necessities, insurance deductibles, temporary housing, and emergency travel.

We partner with the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association (CPOA) to make this disaster relief program possible. You may complete the application online or download a PDF of the application and submit it to for review.

The CPOA will review and respond to your application within five days of receipt. You may email or call (703) 941-0395 with any questions.