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Coast Guard Foundation Unveils New Look as it Builds for the Future

A new logo, publicly launched on March 1, will better represent future Coast Guard Foundation efforts to support Coast Guard members and families.
CGF new logo 1
Ron labrec web v
by Ron LaBrec
February 28, 2023

The Coast Guard Foundation has been supporting Coast Guard members since 1969. While it has met that mission in a variety of ways in the last 52 years, during most of that period it has had one logo. Created in 1986, the old logo closely aligned with the heraldry of the Coast Guard itself. And while beloved, it was showing its age and proving inadequate in the digital era.

The goal of the new logo was to adopt a simple and modern design. It will be used in direct mail and email campaigns, at our events, on our website, and in other materials into the future.

The design of the new logo, while meant to be modern and clean, carefully connects with our proud history of assistance to Coast Guard members and families. It brings forward elements of the Foundation’s old logo and retains the clear link to the Coast Guard we support.
- Susan Ludwig, president, Coast Guard Foundation
The new Coast Guard Foundation logo in vertical layout.
The new Coast Guard Foundation logo in vertical layout.

The inner shield in the new logo represents the Coast Guard members that the Foundation serves. The iconic stripes, symbols of law enforcement agencies worldwide, make up the inner shield, and provide a clear tie to the U.S. Coast Guard. The outer shield represents the Foundation itself. These two shields come together to create a powerful symbol of support, protection, and community. The logo has a tone of confidence. A solid, supportive foundation. We are here for Coast Guard members and their families, where and when they need it the most.

Examples of the Coast Guard Foundation logo in a variety of formats and uses.
Additional layouts for the logo fit a variety of settings.

Thank you to the donors, staff members, and members of our Board who participated in the design process. And special thanks to our partners Michelle Perreault and Valerie Diaz de Arce at the design studio MOD-Lab for their creativity and guidance as well as Johanna Sparling at Greenpoint Graphics for her talent and support.

Title Image: The original Coast Guard Foundation logo (left) has been in use since 1986. The new logo (right) presents a clean and modern appearance while maintaining a connection to the Coast Guard Foundation's proud past of support to the service.

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