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Coast Guard Foundation Support for Families in Need

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October 27, 2020

Update: October 27, 2020

Over the last few days, the Coast Guard family has been struck by tragedy. A Coast Guard Ensign died in a training accident in Alabama, and four families living in a housing complex in North Carolina saw their homes destroyed in a fire. A servicemember lost his wife and two daughters as a result of the blaze.

The Coast Guard Foundation is coordinating with the Coast Guard to help the families impacted by both of these tragedies.

The Coast Guard has moved the families to temporary housing, and we have rushed emergency support to them to provide supplies and necessary comfort items. They will need everything, from food, medicine, clothes, school supplies — everything you need to go through the day.

Once the impacted families have a chance to assess their property losses and determine need, we’ll provide them the support to help begin the long, arduous road to recovery.

In Alabama, Ensign Morgan Garrett, a 2019 graduate of the Coast Guard Academy, was fulfilling a life-long dream to become a pilot when she and Navy LT Rhiannon Ross died in a training accident.

Our hearts are broken at this devastating loss, and we are working hard to assist her family and those with whom she served. Both of these incidents remind us that Coast Guard members take great risks when serving our Nation.

Thank you for standing side by side with us to provide these essential services to Coast Guard members and families when tragedy strikes.

To help us support these families and others in need

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