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Coast Guard Foundation Launches Matching Gift Campaign to Support Coasties Who Lost Homes to Hurricane Ian

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by Ron LaBrec
October 12, 2022

Since Hurricane Ian decimated southwest Florida, the Coast Guard has focused on rescuing those in danger, relieving the suffering of survivors, and opening ports and waterways to commerce. Coast Guard members rescued more than 1,000 people and 100 pets in less than 7 days during their response to Hurricane Ian, including bringing relief supplies and evacuating residents of Sanibel and Pine Islands, which were completely cut off after the storm.

A collage of Coast Guard members assisting survivors from Hurricane Ian in September 2022.,
Coast Guard members rescued roughly 1,000 survivors after Hurricane Ian devastated southwest Florida on September 23, 2022

Among those rescuers are hundreds of Coast Guard members and families who lost their homes or suffered other damages from Ian. Even before the storm hit, the Coast Guard Foundation opened its disaster relief and response program to help Coast Guard members quickly get resources to bounce back from the devastation as they serve our nation.

To keep pace with the number of requests for assistance, the Foundation launched a matching gift appeal on Tuesday, Oct. 11. Every donation to the Foundation’s emergency disaster relief program doubled up to $40,000 by an anonymous donor.

As of Wednesday, Oct. 26, the Foundation has provided emergency grants to more than 140 Coast Guard members who suffered losses from Hurricanes Ian and Fiona totaling over $310,000.

Thanks to the CGF and its donors for all of the support. I know some members took advantage of the grants and were effusive on how quick and easy the process was. They said it was a huge relief and let them quickly address their situations and refocus back on their Coast Guard duties!

- Coast Guard Commander Shawn Lansing, Coast Guard Sector St. Petersburg
Provide Emergency Aid to Coast Guard Members Impacted by Hurricanes Ian and Fiona.