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Building a Strong Foundation: Len Adler

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by Ron LaBrec
June 11, 2020

A longtime boater and Coast Guard Foundation donor, Len Adler learned of the Coast Guard Foundation from a friend when he was asked to contribute to morale and recreational items for the crew of the Coast Guard station in Annapolis. It was then he learned that many small Coast Guard units around the country needed assistance with obtaining exercise, sports and outdoor recreation equipment to remain physically ready for duty and boost crew morale.

He later helped to build a basketball court at the station so the crew could build fitness and morale during lunchtime and after hours. Since that time he has supported multiple Foundation programs including additional recreation projects for Coast Guard members and scholarships for Coast Guard children.

A dedicated philanthropist who has funded a hospice hospital, The Adler Center for Caring, as well as community job training programs, Len has also sponsored many Foundation classes that allow Coast Guard coxswains to earn the license needed to captain commercial vessels when they leave the service.

“I appreciate the workforce of our nation, our United States I think, more than some people, simply because I see them in daily life,” he said. “I appreciate a good carpenter and a good plumber, and someone who has the skill to do that work and do it properly. And that includes a good boat driver getting a captain’s license.”

Len also supports the Coast Guard through the Coast Guard Foundation because of its local character and national impact. “When a person finds themselves with money that he is willing to share with the community, there are so many choices,” he explained. “What appeals to me most about the Coast Guard is that it is a small enough organization that a donation is appreciated. Yet it is large enough to make an impact on our entire nation, on the United States.”

The Adler Financial Group, Len’s real estate investment business, exemplifies his customer-oriented approach and the close relationships for which he is known and proud. “We have many loyal customers and we take pride in that,” he said. This long term approach carries over into his philanthropy.

The Adler Foundation, which Len established and runs with his two adult sons, will allow his charitable works to continue into the future, “long after this Adler is gone,” he said. “And the Coast Guard [Foundation] will be a part of that,” he continued, discussing his membership in the Foundation’s planned giving society.

The Douglas A. Munro Society recognizes donors who have provided for the Coast Guard Foundation in their estate plans. Named for the Coast Guard's only Medal of Honor recipient, Signalman First Class Douglas A. Munro, the Society acknowledges the generous intentions of those who will leave a lasting legacy on the entire Coast Guard community.

Building a Strong Foundation is a news series that highlights some of the generous people who support the Coast Guard Foundation.

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