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2021 Coast Guard Foundation Scholarship Season: Advice from Recent Grads

2021 advice to scholarship applicants cover photo
Jen Fyke Web
by Jennifer Crowley Fyke
February 1, 2021

We asked some of our recent college graduates to share advice with their fellow Coast Guard kids who are graduating from high school this year and thinking about applying for a Coast Guard Foundation scholarship.

“Make sure you major in whatever you feel passionate about,” shared Chandel Burgess.

She knows what she’s talking about! Chandel earned her undergraduate degree at 20 years old--debt-free--and has recently completed her master’s degree. She is enrolling in a doctorate program this fall, with plans to teach mathematics education at the college level.

“I believe in you, and I hope you find true happiness, and do what you love when you go to college.”

Matthew Albert graduated in 2020 and offered great advice for completing the application.

“Write about the things that make you unique... it is ultimately what will resonate with the Coast Guard Foundation. Make sure you revise your essays and make sure you are in contact with the Coast Guard Foundation staff so you know that your application is submitted properly.”

“These scholarships helped me make the absolute most out of my college experience," he shared. “I really encourage you to apply…good luck!”

Carli Mays felt a burden lifted when she received a scholarship from the Coast Guard Foundation because she could focus on her schoolwork. She graduated in the top three of her university’s program. Her advice to graduating seniors?

“Be your best self always. You come from a foundation of loyalty and determination. Let those values guide you in your coursework.”

2021 advice to scholarship applicants cover photo

Ryan Montgomery graduated from the University of Michigan last spring, and he encourages all eligible Coast Guard dependents to apply for the Coast Guard Foundation scholarship this year.

“Take the time and just do it. A few minutes of your time now will save you a lot of money down the road. Do your best. Grab your computer, grab a pencil, jot down your notes, get started on it, you’re not going to regret it.”

Brenna Sharp was a four-year Coast Guard Foundation scholar.

“It’s always worth your time to put yourself out there. I am so grateful for this scholarship and the opportunities it allowed me in college.”

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