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News // Jan 24, 2019

Gov. Shutdown: FAQs

  • Coast Guard Foundation

What are the details of the grant program?
In response to the partial government shutdown, the Coast Guard Foundation is partnering with the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association (CPOA) to provide $100 one-time grants to U.S. Coast Guard families in need. This is defined as active duty, reserve, and retired Coast Guard members and civilian Coast Guard employees. To begin, each of the nine Coast Guard districts will receive a minimum of $25,000 to support local Coast Guard members. We will share the timeline for further support very soon.

Are there specific eligibility requirements or is the grant program open to everyone in the Coast Guard?
The grants are available to Coast Guard families in need. This is defined as active duty, reserve, and retired Coast Guard members and civilian Coast Guard employees.

How and when can I get a grant from the Coast Guard Foundation and Chief Petty Officers Association?
Each CPOA Chapter and their Coast Guard Enlisted Association (CGEA) branch will reach out to their areas of responsibility and let people know that some assistance is available. Please reach out to that CPOA or CGEA contact and request a grant.

There is no Chapter or Branch associated with my unit. How can I access support?
Please check the list of CPOA and CGEA branches on their websites:
If there is not a Chapter or Branch nearby, please contact CWO Randy Reid (Ret.) at the CPOA national office for direction and eligibility verification.

Will this grant need to be repaid once federal appropriations resume?
No, this support is a grant/gift from the Coast Guard Foundation and does not need to be repaid.

I am currently deployed away from my family during this shutdown period, but they could use the grant. How can I apply for a grant on their behalf?
Please reach out to your CPOA branch and they will work with you to make the grant available to your spouse in your absence.

Is there Coast Guard Legal guidance on the acceptance of a gift card or gift?
Yes, the Office of the Judge Advocate General, Office of General Law, COMDT (CG-LGL) has issued guidance for gift acceptance during a lapse in appropriations. In general, Coast Guard personnel may accept gift cards or even debit cards directly from a donor who is not a prohibited source and the offer is made to all government employees or similar class and is not based on rank or official responsibility. You may read more detail here:

Does accessing a grant through this offer impact my ability to receive other aid or support during the shutdown?
The Coast Guard Foundation and Chief Petty Officers Association does not consider other support you are receiving in granting you this gift. Please check with other support organizations for their policies and guidelines.

I have more questions about the program. Who can I contact to ask a specific question?
Please email our program staff at the Coast Guard Foundation at or reach out to the CPOA at and we will gladly discuss the program in more detail. Your communication will remain confidential.

We will update this FAQ reference as questions arise.

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