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$1,000 Grants Available to Coast Guard Spouses through Pilot Program

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New Application Period: September 1-October 15, 2019
Coast Guard Foundation Family Child Care (FCC) Program Grant Program

As Coast Guard families settle into a new school year, many parents are seeking quality, local, affordable childcare options for before and after school, and for children younger than school-aged.

In partnership with the United States Coast Guard, the Coast Guard Foundation’s pilot program is designed to assist Coast Guard spouses in four Coast Guard communities establish their own Family Child Care businesses to provide the kind of child care options that many Coast Guard families find themselves in need of.

In our first round of funding, we provided grants to four Coast Guard spouses stationed at Sector New York and living in government-housing on Staten Island. These spouses are hard at work establishing their home-based child care businesses and will soon be opening their locations.

Are you a Coast Guard spouse stationed with your family in Petaluma, Cape May, or Kodiak?

Are you interested in opening up your own Family Child Care business?

This pilot program is made possible by a generous grant from Geico, a strong supporter of America’s military families.

We have opportunity for five grants each in Petaluma, Cape May and Kodiak. In total, we will help set up 20 family child care centers this year.

By offering affordable and flexible childcare to Coast Guard members, the program will provide employment opportunities for spouses and reinforce the Coast Guard culture of members helping members.

There are a couple basic requirements to qualify for a $1,000 grant.

Once you have earned “provisional status” by the Coast Guard’s Child Development Services Coordinator (CDSS) and are ready to start-up your Family Child Care program, your Coast Guard Foundation grant can be approved. Eligible, qualifying expenses include:

  • Liability insurance
  • CPR/First aid training certification
  • CEUs and other child development training classes
  • Teaching supplies and toys, baby care equipment and gear
  • Marketing materials, enrollment paperwork
  • Cleaning services, carpet and otherwise, to prepare your physical space
  • State licensing costs (California)

How can I apply to be an FCC provider? Coast Guard spouses residing in Coast Guard-owned housing in any of the locations of the pilot who are interested in the FCC grant may contact their local Child Development Services Coordinator (CDSS) listed below for information about becoming a certified FCC provider. Coast Guard spouses transferring this summer to any of the pilot locations are eligible to apply for the FCC grant.

Base Kodiak: Vanessa Bryant, 907-487-5525,
TRACEN Petaluma: Lena Gavello, 510-437-3237,
TRACEN Cape May: Valanda Weston, 609-898-6384,
Sector New York: Maura Redy, 718-354-4404, (please note: all five grants have been issued for Sector New York.)

Access the application directly here: CGF-FCC GRANT APPLICATION

What does the Coast Guard require for FCC provider certification?

  1. Live in one of the four government housing areas noted above;
  2. Be a spouse and authorized resident in Coast Guard controlled housing;
  3. Be at least 18 years of age;
  4. Be able to speak, read, and write English;
  5. Have a high school diploma, or the equivalent;
  6. Successfully complete background check for child care providers;
  7. Obtain a health screening and be in good health to provide care to active groups of children;
  8. Be able to understand children’s developmental needs;
  9. Be able to lift 40 pounds;
  10. Agree in writing to the requirements of the FCC program;
  11. Obtain liability insurance for the Family Child Care home.

It is our hope that this pilot program will provide new childcare options for Coast Guard families, and provide employment for Coast Guard spouses, both of which are core areas of Coast Guard Foundation support.

For more information, please reach out to our points of contact: Dr. Marta Denchfield, Chief, Behavioral Health Services Division, 202-475-5253,

Ms. Sage Williams, Program Director, 860-535-0786,

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