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October Shipmate Fund Matching Gift Campaign

The Coast Guard Foundation is pleased to announce a matching gift appeal to benefit our Shipmate Fund. A very generous friend of ours, who has asked to remain anonymous, has agreed to match every gift made to our Shipmate Fund by October 31, 2011 – dollar for dollar – up to $20,000.

This means that every dollar you give will go twice as far to support fitness, education, recreation and morale projects that benefit members of the Coast Guard, their families, and the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

These brave men and women work under difficult and often dangerous conditions. Hardly a week goes that I don't hear about a rescue mission that they have undertaken to save lives, often at great risk to themselves.


Plus, as members of our armed forces, they're on the front lines every day, protecting our nation from harm. But while many people think the government provides all the resources they need, you know that the Coast Guard is actually the least-funded branch of the military.

We're asking that you help provide equipment and supplies that will improve the lives of all the members of Team Coast Guard and their families – especially those stationed in remote areas with limited resources.

Here are just a few examples of requests I've received from units all over the country:

  • Treadmills, weights and other exercise equipment to help them stay fit and strong, especially on board ship
  • Computers so motivated men and women can take college courses while serving on active duty
  • Swing-sets so children living on Coast Guard bases have a safe place to play
  • Softball, basketball and other recreational equipment for members and their families
  • Books for Coast Guard members on long deployments at sea

All they're really asking for is some basic equipment to help them do their jobs better, improve their skills so they can grow professionally and give their families a nice, safe place to live.

These things are very basic, but if you could travel to Coast Guard bases and cutters around the country, you'd be amazed at the number of members who say what a big difference these simple things make to them and their children. And you'd see for yourself how truly grateful they are for the support that the Coast Guard Foundation – and you – provide.

We never want say to the hardworking members of the Coast Guard and the Auxiliary, "Sorry, we can't help you." Your gift now will let us say "Yes!" to as many of their requests as possible. So please respond today, while there's still time for your gift to be doubled through the matching gift offer.

Thank you for helping us show the dedicated men and women of Team Coast Guard how much we value their service to our country. Your support is deeply appreciated.

Anne B. Brengle, President



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