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Coast Guard Foundation Partners with SAIC for Arctic Leadership Conference

The Coast Guard Foundation is proud to support the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and the Law of the Sea Institute of California's Berkeley School of Law's Leadership for the Arctic conference that will take place on April 12th and 13th, 2012 in New London, Connecticut.


The two-day conference will focus on the issues global leaders face concerning the shaping and implementing of policies pertaining to the rapid emergence of human activities in the Arctic. Bringing together the best and brightest scientists and policy makers from around the country, the interdisciplinary conference will play a key role in discussing Arctic procedural strategy for the coming decade. Offering maritime affairs academics, professionals and law specialists the opportunity to share their professional views, in an open forum, with the leaders in Arctic policy formulation and implementation.

The pivotal Leadership for the Arctic conference is made possible thanks to funding from the Coast Guard Foundation through the generosity of its corporate partner, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC). The Coast Guard Foundation has been committed to supporting scholarships, research and leadership development for the Coast Guard Academy for over forty years. Through its gifts to the Coast Guard Foundation, SAIC has also supported leadership and ethics programs at the Academy since 2009. This support has included funding for leadership training for third class cadets aboard EAGLE during their summer cruise, mentoring programs at the Academy and the Coastal Sail Training Program that 2/c cadets attend during their summer commitments.

"We are proud to work with the Coast Guard Foundation in our support of the United States Coast Guard, and its Academy," said RADM Patrick Stillman, USCG (Ret.), senior vice president, SAIC. "The Leadership for the Arctic conference is extremely important and timely. The exploration and increased presence in the Arctic has a lasting impact on all of us. We look forward to the discussions that will take place during the conference to provoke thought and help determine the best courses of action to manage this precious resource."

"The Coast Guard Foundation has supported programs at the Coast Guard Academy since its inception in 1969," said Anne B. Brengle, president of the Coast Guard Foundation. "As times have changed, we continue to look for ways to make the Academy shine as an institute of leadership that trains the best and brightest young people to lead the service into the future. We are proud to partner with the Academy in presenting the Leadership for the Arctic Conference because it puts the school on the map as a front-runner in the conversation about climate change and corresponding issues. These are complex issues that have global impact, and the Academy is perfectly poised to bring together people from all disciplines to have this discussion."

The two-day Leadership for the Arctic conference kicks-off on Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 7:00 AM and concludes with closing remarks by ADM Robert J. Papp, Jr., commandant of the United States Coast Guard, on Friday, April 13th at noon. For more information including a schedule and registration information, please visit www.uscga.edu/arctic. For more information on SAIC including its support of the Coast Guard Foundation, please visit www.saic.com.


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