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The Coast Guard has rescued more than one million people since it was established in 1790. Are you one in a million? Are you one of the million people who lived another day because of the brave men and women of the United States Coast Guard who risk their lives to save others? Does your family have a story that has been passed down through generations that tells the tale of a heroic Coast Guard rescue?

The Coast Guard Foundation asked these questions on its 40th anniversary in 2009, in celebration of our service to the Coast Guard and in honor of the proud history of the service's heroic rescues. We invited people to submit their rescue stories and tell the tale of the impact the event had on their lives.

We established a website to collect the stories and publish pictures and blogs about rescues from all over the country. The project yielded 50 incredible stories of rescue and recovery. As one survivor, Helena Grenot, said, "I have not thought or written about this in many years, but it did shape how I look at life and magnifies how fleeting life can be. I owe my life to many. This has been a longtime coming, and I am grateful to be able to now thank all those responsible for saving so many others and me on that day."

You can read many of the stories on our Coast Guard Foundation Community Profiles section.