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Coast Guard Cutter Eagle Featured on Good Morning America

America's tall ship, the cutter Eagle, was featured on ABC's Good Morning America Thursday, July 17, as the ship made its way through New York harbor to dock at Intrepid Pier. While the ship is docked there, Eagle is open for free tours to the public from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m Friday, July 18 and Saturday, July 19.

As fans of the Coast Guard, we are quite familiar with the ship's beauty and its importance in training cadets and officer candidates in seamanship and leadership. It's fun, though, to share Eagle's good news with others who may not know the ship as well as we do.

If you've ever served, or spent time on Eagle we'd love to hear from you in the comments section.


Skipper of the Eagle, Capt. Wes Pulver, (second from right) presented long-time Coast Guard Foundation Trustee Brian McAllister and Coast Guard Captain of the Port of New York, Capt. Gordon Loebl (left) with tokens of appreciation from Eagle. Also pictured is Coast Guard Foundation Regional Director of Philanthropy, Susan Ludwig.


Comments (5)

  1. I was lucky enough to sail into New York Harbor in July of 1976 during OPSAIL 76 under the tutelage of the legendary Red Shannon for the Bicentennial Celebration, along with a lot of great 79ers (and a few 77ers :)). There's nothing like workign the lines in a good breeze under full sail on that ship! Good luck to Wes and his crew on the rest of the trip!
  2. I was a cadet at the coast guard academy in 1959 and sailed on the EAGLE to Norway , France, England and other countries. in 1960 and 1961 I was always a sailor and enjoyed climbing up to the crow's nest and standing watch as Mast captiain. I was always impressed with the ship and especially when we were in port like Laharve France or Portsmouth England. or Oslo Norway. We participated in a race of tall ships from Oslo to the Rock o Gilberalter and won agains 10 other tall ships. I'm 73 now and still sail in my sloop in Miamii but I can't go up the rattlines like I did on the Eagle or go out on the Yardarms and set the square rig sails
  3. I was a BM2 on the "Eagle" from 1969 to 1972 under Capt. H A Paulson. I was permanent party, so I lived aboard and my duties were to ensure the rigging and sails were in top notch conditions and to instruct the cadets in seamanship aloft. I made 8 trips on her with the first going to Bermuda and encountering Hurricane Bertha. It was an amazing time except the last couple of months when we had a red neck BMC who was scared to climb trying to tell us what to do. The experience was so good that I am still rigging boats in the Virgin Islands 45 years later.
  4. In 1958-59 we launched a Sabot from The Arches in Newport Harbor (California) turning basin. There was nothing there but an old dock with a very large square rigged ship tied up. All I remember about the ship was, compared to our Sabot, it was huge and had at least three masts. My memory says four, but I was only eight years old. Talking with Nancy Richardson today at the LA Tall Ships Festival, it seemed possible that the ship in Newport Harbor, California in 1958 may have been the same Eagle now sailing as a Coast Guard training ship. Does the record of The Eagle show that this was a possibility or not? The ship in the turning basin was named The Eagle or Eagle, and I have wondered about this for many years. Thank you for any light you can shed upon this subject. Very Truly Yours, Craig Druitt
  5. I was in service from 1956 to 1960 and served on the USCG Cutter Yakutat which was part of a three-ship cruise from the Eagle's base in New London to Amsterdam, Dublin, Lisbon and Bermuda back in 1958, if I remember this correctly. I was on board Eagle briefly at Amsterdam. I am in Stonington, Maine, the Lobster Town of the coast down here. I am a member of the American Legion following more service in the Air Force, which is why I am "out of touch." Thank you