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Group Donates Kindles To Coast Guard Units Overseas

The Coast Guard Foundation is proud to announce a partnership with another military-serving nonprofit, E-books For Troops, which provides new and gently used e-readers such as Amazon Kindles to troops fighting overseas.

E-Books for Troops, a 501(c)3 charity, recently donated 20 Kindles, with accessories, to Coast Guard units who are currently serving in Bahrain. The Coast Guard Foundation provided Amazon gift cards to go along with the Kindles, so the e-readers could be pre-loaded with materials before delivering them to the units in the field.

Deployed troops have strict limitations on what they can carry with them while serving. They also have a lot of downtime when they're not in the field, so e-readers, which are lightweight, compact, and can carry 1,200 books at a time, were a perfect fit for soldiers on active duty.


Click here to donate an e-reader to active duty soldiers.

The project's co-founders, Len Edgerly and Ken Clark got the idea when an Army sergeant left a comment on Edgerly's Facebook page saying, "I am an active duty Army soldier getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan next month; it sure would be nice to have the [Kindle2] with me during the hours of down time – *hint hint*"

Edgerly, who is an e-publishing enthusiast, took the hint and reached out to Patrick Mish, the founder and CEO of M-Edge, an e-reader accessories company, to see if he'd be interested in helping. Mish and M-Edge donated a Kindle to that Army sergeant.

From that point, the concept grew quickly. Clark, a former Army artillery officer, learned about Edgerly's initiative, and offered to help expand his efforts. The two men are always seeking donations of Kindles, either gently used ones, or people can send new devices, as well.


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