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Outgoing Vice Chairman Larry Glenn Honored at Annual Meeting

The Coast Guard Foundation convened its annual meeting yesterday at the Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association in New London. Part of the meeting included a moment of appreciation for board member Larry Glenn, who is stepping down from his role as vice-chairman.

A ship's bell was presented to Larry, along with a proclamation read by director Clay Maitland.

larry_glennThe Board of Trustees of the Coast Guard Foundation do hereby offer this proclamation to honor Lawrence R. Glenn and his term of service as Vice Chairman of the Coast Guard Foundation.

Lawrence R. Glenn, known to the Board of the Coast Guard Foundation as Larry, first began his involvement with the Foundation in 1994. A long-time avid sailor, Larry became a member of the Coast Guard Academy Sailing Council, and two years later, became chairman of the Sailing Advisory Council of the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, succeeding Tom Willets. In 1997, he joined the Board of Directors of the Coast Guard Foundation, and became Vice Chairman of the Foundation in 2007.

For over twenty years, Larry has been involved with Coast Guard Sailing and has served as the champion of its many programs and activities. As Chairman of the Foundation's Boat Donation Committee, Larry has guided the program into a significant revenue stream for the Foundation, and through his efforts in securing donated boats, helped provide the Academy and cadets with highly competitive sailing vessels, most notably the J44 Glory, the J120 Richochet, and the Nelson Mareck 43 AGINCOURT that have enabled the Offshore Sailing program to win prestigious offshore sailboat races.

In 2007, Larry took the lead in supporting the development of the Leadership 44 program that, when complete, will provide critical on-the-water leadership- and seamanship-skills for the entire corps of United States Coast Guard Academy cadets.

Be it therefore resolved that the Board of Trustees of the Coast Guard Foundation hereby recognize and honor Larry Glenn for his leadership, hard work, selfless dedication to mission of the Coast Guard Foundation, and particularly to the sailing program of the United States Coast Guard Academy. Thank you, Larry.

After the proclamation was read, Larry added that he was also proud of his efforts in heading up the search committee that led to the hiring of current Foundation president Anne Brengle.


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