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Decorated Coast Guard WWII Vet Laid to Rest

The Coast Guard lost a decorated member of its community last month when LTJG Frank L. Spatuzzi passed away at the age of 93 in Clearwater, Florida.

Spatuzzi was awarded the Purple Heart after he was injured during a battle in the Pacific Theater in World War II. A Japanese kamakaze pilot crashed a plane into the ship that Spatuzzi was on, injuring Spatuzzi, leaving him with a lifelong limp.

The Foundation was honored to have Spatuzzi attend our awards dinner in St. Petersburg, Florida last November, where he was recognized for his service in the Coast Guard. He passed away on January 13, 2012.


Frank Spatuzzi and his wife, Inge, at the Foundation's Tribute to the Coast Guard's 7th District in St. Petersburg, Fla. in November 2011.

Spatuzzi had a deep love for the game of baseball, which he excelled at during his time at Seton Hall University in New Jersey. Had he not given up the game to join the Coast Guard and fight in World War II, Spatuzzi was likely headed for a career in the pros.

He is survived by his wife, Inge.

To read Spatuzzi's full obituary in the Tampa Bay Times, follow this link.


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